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Surf The Net up to 10 Times Faster, anywhere you have Dial-up, GUARANTEED!

Order today and get a FREE 10 DAY TRIAL.  If you are not 100% Thrilled,
just stop using the service and you don't need to pay ANYTHING
at all.  There is no risk, and the service is 100% Guaranteed!

There are no tricks or catches of any kind.  You have nothing to loose, and you have 10 full days to evaluate the service.
If you don't want to continue, the software can be cleanly uninstalled. You don't need to pay anything till the 11th day,
and only if you are thrilled and you decide to keep using the service.  We are so confident that you will be thrilled,
you do not even need to provide any payment information at this time.


  Yes, I want 'High Speed Lite' for my SLOW Dialup Connection!
  I understand I don't have to pay anything at this time, and that
I don't even have to provide any payment information at this time.
  I understand I that I am not obligated to pay anything unless I decide
to continue using the service beyond the 10 day FREE TRIAL PERIOD.

The email address and password provided will be used to authenticate you on our service.
The password can be letters and numbers and does NOT have to be the same password
you use for your regular email unless you wish it to be.

Password Reminder:  

You will be sent an invoice via email for $3.99 / month for the first year's service (work out to $47.90 in total for the entire year).
If you decide that you want to continue using the service, you can pay for that invoice via PayPal or via Secure Credit Card at any
time within the first 10 days.  If you do not decide to continue, you can simply uninstall the software and you owe us nothing at all.

PRIVACY POLICY: We will not use your email address or phone number in any way, except to invoice you or directly communicate
with you about our HighSpeedLite.com and/or HighSpeedEverywhere.com services.  Specifically we will not sell or otherwise divulge your
information to anyone for any form of telemarketing junk mail, SPAM, UCE, or other forms of unsolicited mail.  Frankly, we HATE, LOATH and
DETEST junk mail as much as you do!  Your information will solely be used to invoice you or to notify you of version updates & nothing else.

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