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There are some limitations of High Speed Lite technology.  Most importantly, the speed increases will be most noticeable on normal HTTP web surfing and on data that is possible to optimize.  Some types of files are already optimized, compressed and packaged in the most efficient manner possible.  A good example of this is MP3 files.  A typical MP3 was created by compressing a 60 MB .wave file down into a 4MB .mp3 file.  As a result, MP3's are already as efficient as possible and we can not substantially improve their transfer speeds.  If you are wanting to transfer a large number of these kinds of large, pre-compressed files, then a DSL or Cable connection is better suited for your needs.  If you are outside the range of DSL or Cable, then you may want to consider our HighSpeedEverywhere.com Satellite and Wireless services that can deliver full High Speed Services everywhere in Canada and the USA.

Also, when using the High Speed Lite Data Optimization Technology, certain small differences in graphics loading may be noticed.  For example, some pages normally try to display the graphics as they load, so that the loading progress is visible as the graphics SLOWLY load on the screen.  High Speed Lite may suppress this in order to load the graphic faster, so that the graphics may not display until it is fully loaded.

As mentioned before, the speed engine technology was designed for HTTP protocols and is for use while surfing the Internet. It was NOT designed, nor is it intended for large FTP file transfers, or downloading music or video files. These types of files are typically pre-compressed and already as optimized as they can get, so they will not be much faster than normal.

If you have a desire or a need to download the types of files mentioned above at a faster rate, then you probably already have or should get a Satellite, DSL, or Cable connection even though it is usually more than double the price of a dial-up connection.  If you would like this type of connection, visit HighSpeedEverywhere.com or information regarding Satellite Internet Services.  However, if you don't have a need to download a large number of these types of files, web surfing up to 10 times faster using High Speed Lite is for you!

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